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I’m sure that most of you know by now things at the Rose house have been a bit topsy-turvy this year. Hospital stays, mold eradication, and chronic physical illnesses have plagued us and caused our little world to be virtually – well, literally – turned upside down.

As the Christmas season approached this year and thoughts of holiday traditions that would be left unfulfilled flooded my mind, depression tried to be my constant companion. Although I know all the scriptures and the “true meaning of the season”, I must admit that I found myself in a place of fighting off materialistic desires – not for me, but for my children – and jealous feelings that were surfacing towards those who are in a much better place than we are this holiday season. Every single day became a battle as I fought to maintain a positive perspective and right alignment of focus.

About a week ago my family and I were walking into Walmart and right in front of the doors sat the most beautiful poinsettias I have seen in a long time. Perhaps these poinsettias were more beautiful to me this year because I knew I could not purchase one – sometimes things we cannot have are more beautiful than they really are – or, maybe they were just beautiful because they ARE beautiful. Whatever the reason, these flowers really jumped out at me as we approached their perching spot and, overcome with near speechlessness, I whispered to my daughter, “I sure would love to have one this year. Too bad I can’t buy one.”

Time clicked on and I forgot about this brief moment in time, UNTIL……….

A few days had passed and early one evening a car pulled up into our driveway. Puzzled at who would be visiting, my husband quickly step outside to head off whomever it may be. To our surprise it was our neighbor from across the street. As she got out of the car, she held in her hand the most beautiful poinsettia I had ever seen. It was beautiful because it was a gift to me from GOD who hears our simplest desires. Overcome with emotion, the tears began to flow as that little poinsettia spoke to me of God’s love and His attentive eye upon His children.

I had not told anyone but my two children of my desire for a traditional Christmas plant to put on my front porch as in years gone by. But GOD heard my desire. In the midst of our chaos and pain this holiday season, God chose to remind me of His presence and His love by speaking to me through a Christmas poinsettia. It was the loudest and most personal message I have ever received.

Friends, no matter what you may be going through, listen for God’s voice. He just might speak to you through an unexpected source too!