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PARENTING TIP: give your kids the same kind of respect you desire to receive from them.

if there is one thing that saddens me greatly, it is watching parents who have no respect for their children. barking orders and treating kids as mini slaves is, sadly, as commonplace these days as discounting their indivuality and uniqueness. it is true that some parents demand respect from their kids while offering none in return – as though the title “parent” entitles them to special affection. while in one sense that is true, i submit that every individual is deserving of respect whether a parent or child.

the word respect is defined as: to consider worthy of high regard. (merriam webster’s 11th collegiate dictionary) by very definition, EVERY person is entitled to respect. ALL people are created by God for His purposes and as such, EVERYONE deserves respect regardless of age.

the best parent/child releationships are the ones who afford mutual respect. valuing your children and considering them “worthy of high regard” makes it naturally easy for them to respect you in return. it is awefully hard to respect someone who discounts your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. it is even harder to respect someone who treats you as though your life exists to be a servant and slave to them. so, learn to respect your children. esteeming them as someone worthy of “high regard” will go along way in soliciting the respect you yourself desire to have. from the earliest age, children know if they are valued. and, as with all of us, their admiration is greatest towards those who value them and threat them with dignity.