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MARRIAGE TIP: give public praise every chance you get

Nothing does more for the human ego than for one to be praised publicly. Of all the private – silent – praise one can receive inside of the home, it is the praise in front of others that really speaks to the heart. It is one thing for a husband or wife to know that their spouse loves them, but it is totally another thing to know that your spouse is proud enough of you to tell others about it. What a boost.

In this day and age of chaos and confusion, learn to praise your spouse publicly. Sadly, many – especially men – fall into the habit of publicy ‘dissing’ their spouse through well-intentioned but mis-guided ‘jokes’ and ‘playing around’. These things – if left unaccompanied by public praise – will quicly tear away at the fabric of a marriage. Learn to build your spouse up in front of others. That is when they finally get just how proud of them you are!