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If there is one thing that kills the spirit of a child quicker than most anything else, it is SUPPRESSION. Living in a rigid environment where their personlity, likes, dislikes, personal style, and ‘swag’ is suppressed; kids – especially teens – find themselves quickly dying inside and often resort to internalizing feelings of anger and frustration. Long story short: SUPPRESSION LEADS TO DEPRESSION

While it is important for parents to guide their children biblically into behaviors and attitudes that please the Lord, one must be cautious that leadership does not turn into dictatorship. And, while it is necessary to teach your children how to captivate – or suppress – wrong thoughts and attitudes, one must be very careful that suppression does not step over the bounds into control, resulting in destroying individuality.

God has birthed inside every human being the desires and dreams that He has planned for them to help them execute their purpose in life – His purpose for them. Sadly, many parents fail to understand the importance of helping their child(ren) achieve their dreams of becoming who they were born to be. Sometimes this is because they have their own plans for their children, sometimes this is because they simply do not like the dreams their child has, sometimes it is because they are living vicariously through their kids. Whatever the reason, suppressing kids instead of letting them express who they are always ends up in big trouble.

Let loose a bit and give your child(ren) freedom to express who they are and who they were created to be. Yes, guide them into biblical truth, but give them freedom of expression in any area that does not go against God’s Word. Do not be guilty of letting your personal style, preferences, and opinions cause you to strangle the life out of your kids. They will be happier in the long run and much more pleasant to be around when they are free to be who they were created to be. After all, aren’t you?