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parenting tip: ALWAYS be honest with your children.

one thing every parent desires, at least every parent I know, is that their children have complete faith and trust in them believing they always guide them in the right paths of life. ((just take a look in any back yard pool on a beautiful sumemr day. you’ll hear, “jump, trust me, i’ve got you.) I have yet to meet a parent who would say, “oh, it’s okay if they don’t trust me; they’ll find their way eventually.” ludicrous, right?! for the most part, parents really do have a desire for their children to believe them and trust them, for no one wants to be viewed through eyes of skepticism.

it is important to understand that the only way to earn this kind of trust is for parents to be COMPLETELY HONEST with their kids at all times. one little lie – even if it’s “fun and games” (such as letting them go when they do decide to jump on in) – is all it takes to plant seeds of doubt and distrust. is any game really worth that risk?

everyone knows that all it takes to destroy trust in a relationship – ANY relationship – is for a lie to be found out. once a lie is told, a relationship is really never quite the same. no amount of playing around (such as santa clause and easter bunnies) is worth planting seeds of doubt in the heart of your children. some may grow up and never mistrust your word – even if you have gone to great lengths to make them believe a lie, but many do. satan will always make sure there is a nagging voice in their head that says, “can you really believe them? can you REALLY trust them?” don’t take the risk. be honest. you can be age appropriate with your children AND honest at the same time. keep your word. don’t make promises you never intend to keep. better to make no promise than one that might not work out. one thing you want to hear when your children grow up is: “i could always count on mom and dad’s word because they made it a point to be up front with us in everything.”