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cindy lou who…………
As has been our tradition since the kids were little, the family and I snuggled down the other night for another Christmastime holiday movie. Each night during the holiday season – from Thanksgiving ‘til Christmas – we pick a Christmas movie, turn off all the lights (except for the Christmas lights), snuggle up, and enjoy family time together relaxing in the warmth of the seasonal ambiance. Sometimes we have popcorn and hot chocolate; sometimes we don’t. One thing we always have is each other.

Well, a few nights ago – Christmas Eve, to be exact – it was “daddy’s” turn to pick the nightly Christmas flick. As we figured would be the case, he chose his all time favorite holiday film, The Grinch. It is a wonderful little story of how an old, mean, loveless heart is changed through the persistent love of one little girl, Cindy Lou Who.

As I watched this movie the other night for the ump-teenth millionth time, I was reminded of a very important spiritual lesson God had shown me a few years ago through this beautiful child who was desperately searching for the reason of Christmas. All “cabobbled” by the “superfluous” bustle of the holiday season, Cindy Lou Who KNEW there was more to Christmas than gifts and packages and ‘stuff’. In her search for the meaning of Christmas, Cindy Lou found compassion and love – a discovery that would change Whoville.

In a poignant scene of ‘confrontation’ between the mayor of Whoville and Cindy Lou Who, God showed me an important reason for a basic spiritual application: KNOW THE BOOK SO YOU WON’T BE DELUDED.

Little Cindy Lou’s heart was filled with compassion for a poor lost soul, the Grinch, and it was her deepest desire that he be brought back to the family of Whoville for the Christmas celebrations. Because of previous ‘issues’ with the Grinch, the mayor of Whoville was opposed to Cindy Lou’s suggestion. As the conversation between them developed, one would quote from “the book”, then the other would respond with a quote from “the book”. Finally, it came down to a very important moment: the mayor of Whoville ‘quoted’ from “the book” only to hear Cindy Lou respond, “It doesn’t say that! What page?” It was at these words that God spoke to me and said, “THIS is how well My children need to know MY ‘Book’. They need to know it so well that when it is wrongly quoted, they know so immediately.”

As the discourse between the mayor and Cindy Lou unfolded, it was clear that both knew “the book” very well. The problem was: one was using the book with a full understanding and right interpretation for the benefit of everyone, and one was using the book for selfish motivation, choosing to pick certain spots out of context to validate those selfish motives. It would have been easy for little Cindy Lou to be duped and intimidated by the older and wiser mayor had she not known for herself what “the book” actually said in its entirety.

Friends, we must be diligent, like Cindy Lou Who, when it comes to knowing THE Book – God’s Holy Word. Satan – like the mayor – knows the Word of God backward and forward and can quote it better than most of us. He will twist the meaning and throw tidbits our way, taking them completely out of context or highlighting them separate from the whole. If we do not know the ‘Book’ ourselves, we can begin to believe a lie that is in part based upon the ‘Book’. The only way to avoid delusion is to KNOW THE BOOK – ALL OF IT.

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to begin studying the Word of God. Satan will come at you through people – important people – and will make you think that by their position they know more than you. Do not allow yourselves to be deceived this way. KNOW THE BOOK. When misconceptions are hurled your way, you will detect them and will be able to be a defender of Truth. Study like your life depends on it. It does!