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In case you’ve wondered where I’ve been lately and why I haven’t blogged in a while, it’s because I’ve been a little “under the weather” and feeling blah! *extremely sad face*

The past few weeks – well, the past few years – have been a health challenge like no other. *still sad face* It seems as soon as I get well, another round of attack is waiting to invade my body. I can count on one hand the number of weeks I have actually felt good.

After repeated sinus infections for me and my kids, we finally got a clue *we’re a little slow* that we might be having some MOLD issues in our home. We couldn’t see any mold anywhere, but I started getting whifs of that old musty smell that usually permeates really old, run-down, delapidated buildings. *gag* Hubby looked everywhere he could gain access and nothing. So, at first we chalked it up to a fleeting oddity. UNTIL…….

One day as I was cleaning the dining room, a very strange site caught my eye. A black substance that appeared to be MOLD was creeping its ugly head out from behind the light switch. What in the world?? I thought, “Wow, this is really odd.” Well, like any good wife and mother would do, I got the bleach and an old rag and began to wipe that invading culprit right up. *Score one for me* It was in that moment that I realized that, that nasty, yucky, vomit inducing odor we had smelt was nothing fleeting at all! We had a serious problem!!! *enter suspense creating music*

Because we now had at least some kind of visible sign ((up to this point we could not see MOLD)), we trapsed off to Lowe’s to buy a MOLD testing kit. The package said that if there were MOLD spores present in the air they would show in the petri dish in forty-eight hours. P1050413 WELL…….our MOLD showed in just under twenty-four. Yes!!! That is how bad of a problem we have.

Naturally my husband went to work trying to do what he could to remedy the problem. *our hero* He – himself – changed the ductwork on the home. He – himself – played the role of Paul Bunyn and began cutting down trees. ((We thought the large quantity of trees on our property was holding too much moisture and that the visible mold growing on the trunks could be what was invading our living environment.)) He – with the help of my dad *another hero* – took out a wall to the living room where it was suspected water damage was. Only a teeny bit of mold was found lurking there. After all this work NOTHING seemed to improve. As a matter of fact, things got much worse. *sigh*

A few months back, we finally broke down and had bore testing done to see if they could give us any indication how severe of a problem we have.  (We had put that off becuase of financial reasons.  It is expensive to have someone ‘help’ you.) Turns out that three walls and our fireplace is testing very high for mold growth behind the sheetrock. AND……it is suspected there is mold up in the ceiling due to a roof leak we had. *overwhelmed* Seems the issue is bigger than we thought.

Well, once again my husband went to work trying to bring a resolution to all this. He first called for the extensive cleaning of our air-conditioning system – duct work and all – hoping to at least get rid of any spores that had found their way to our air supply. Five hundred bucks later (on just the air cleaning), the air quality has NOT improved. *frustrated face*

What is clear is that the issues we are having with our home really would be best remedied by selling the property and just getting away from here. However, after speaking to two different realtors, we have come to realize that that is going to be nearly impossible. *without a miracle, of course* Who is really going to want to buy a home filled with MOLD?? No one in their right mind!! **unless it was a miracle** We owe too much money on the house just to walk away, and besides, that wouldn’t be the biblical thing to do anyway. God frowns on it when people skate their responsibilities and leave owing someone money. So, it seems for the time being we are stuck!! *tears*

In the meantimes, our health issues are getting worse. MOLD is a dangerous thing and has dangerous affects on one’s health. Constant sinus infections, heart palpitations, breathing difficulties because of the lungs, horrible headaches, skin rashes, and sleeplessness (to name a few) have plagued us and are increasing in frequency and volume. *ugh*

So, friends, we are really at a desperate place where ONLY a miracle will help us. We are exasperated and don’t know what to do. All I know is that we are in a perdicament and HAVE GOT to do something and do it quickly!!!

While we await our miracle, we are diligently doing all we can to remedy the problem. It’s like shooting at a target in the dark with a blindfold on though. We have a general idea where the consentrated spores seems to be hiding, but pinpointing the exact location is nearly impossible. So, it’s expensive and time-consuming. *sigh*

Please pray with us. We are at a point of desperate – did I say DESPERATE – need of a miracle!! I have faith that God can and will deliver us from this situation and I will keep on believing until He does!! **BIG SMILES**