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“Have I now become your enemy because I am telling you the truth?” – Galatians 4:16 (NLT)

Reading through Paul’s letter to the Galatians, it is easy to pick up on a tone of total frustration in Paul’s ‘voice’. As if it were not bad enough that they had again become entangled by the yoke of bondage called “works of the flesh”, the Galatians had also begun to snub Paul because He was trying to liberate them through speaking words of TRUTH. No wonder he was frustrated!

There is a strange thing about human nature that I have yet to wrap my mind around and that is its propensity towards ‘bondage’. People have an innate desire to feel ‘safe’ and ‘comfortable’ and for many, as odd as it may sound, security comes in the form of bondage. Remember how after her miraculous deliverance from Egypt, Israel desired the safety and ‘comfort’ of her bondage? The desire for safety often trumps the desire for freedom, rendering mankind weak and vulnerable to control.

Friends, don’t be surprised when people begin to hate you and count you as an enemy when you speak liberating truths into their lives. God created us with a nature bent towards ‘submission to a governing force’ which we know should be a bent towards submission to God. However, without an awareness of God, that bent WILL drive people to submit to the authority – or control – of another. This is where they feel safe. Trying to liberate people from bondage by speaking words of truth into their lives strikes at the very heart of security and causes fear to rise up in rebellion. This is exactly what was happening to Paul. His liberating words of truth marked him as an enemy because liberation threatened the feelings security. Make no mistake; this WILL happen to you too. Do not give up! Even if just one soul is liberated by your obedience to show people a better way, it is worth it!