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Well, ‘tis been a while since I wrote a personal edition of the ‘simply me’ blogs. Life has been a little crazy busy, but that is a GOOD thing! *smiles*

So much has gone on the past month or so that it is hard for me to know where to begin. My husband and I have begun a new adventure in our lives and are having a blast. Not sure how long it will last, but while it does, we are going to enjoy every moment of it! *smiles*

A few months ago, Steve and I were asked to step in to fill a need in our local church working with teenagers *and all the teens applauded!* – on a temporary basis – while our pastor (my daddy) looks for a full time youth pastor. Of course we were happy to help out even though we have never done “youth ministry” before. *biting fingernails* What an exciting opportunity to be used of God to help shape and mentor young lives. *warm heart <3* Not sure that our personalities are the best fit for teens – we are kinda old and “un-hip” *is that a word* – nevertheless, we were excited to give it a go!

We have been busy working hard getting the students ready for their annual YOUTH CONVENTION. *applause* Every year in November – since I was a teen *which btw was only yesterday* – our state district office of the Assemblies of God has had an annual gathering for students to come and worship God. It is an extremely exciting time full of worship, praise, God’s Word, fun, fellowship, late night trips to Steak-n-Shake, and ‘fuming’ van rides *if you catch my drift* *wink wink*. It is a time when kids lives are forever changed and when God speaks into their lives, often giving ‘the call’ to ministry.

Well, this past weekend the big event finally happened. After months of preparation, the time had arrived to invade Orlando, Florida to become INFUSED with God’s power! *big big smiles*

We had a great time!! Our special guests leading us into the presence of God through praise and worship were Planetshakers *all the way from Australia* AND the Ricardo Sanchez!! We were also blessed with dynamic speakers who really brought forth a powerful and life transforming message from God. Robert Madu, Chad Veach, and Bianca Olthoff really brought it!! *waving hanky*

I have to say that I believe I was touched as much as the students were. Hearing their testimonies and seeing their deepened zeal for God excited me greatly and has filled me with even more anticipation for what is coming in the future! I’m not sure how long we will be privileged to ride this train, but it is going to be fun while it lasts. *big big smiles*

I learned something this weekend though: I AM TOO YOUNG FOR THESE GUYS! At 2:00 AM I was up and ready to play scavenger hunts in the hotel and the STUDENTS were the ones crashing!! **isn’t that backwards** **what’s up with that** **BIG SMILES AND WARM HEART**