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“Doom to those who plot evil, who go to bed dreaming up crimes!” – Micah 2:1 – the Message

Sadly, we live in a time that is chock full of evil thoughts and evil deeds. The increase of unrighteousness in the land seems to give the illusion that some how, some way, evil has recently been birthed and men have been deluded and barraged by some strange force that morphed into a monster over night. It almost appears as though mankind has no choice in what they do, like people have been overcome with such villainous thoughts that they no longer have control over their behavior. However, that is just part of the illusion.

Evil thoughts and evil actions are nothing new and they never overtake a man by such surprise as that he is not aware of what he is doing. Each man stands bare before the Lord fully accountable for his actions without excuse as to why he has chosen the vile over the sacred. Man will not be able to blame anyone when judgment day comes for the choices he, himself, has made! The gift of free will holds him accountable for every choice he makes.

Friends, the Bible is clear that evil is birthed when men dwell on wicked thoughts. Allowing your mind to become a junk pile for the enemy is dangerous! Contemplating evil ideas, dreaming up evil schemes, plotting evil revenge – all are inexcusable before the Lord and all lead to doom and destruction. Choose wisely what you allow your mind to dwell upon, for where your thoughts drift, you will follow.