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In case you haven’t heard, TobyMac recently released his new CD “Eye On It” and it is a MUST HAVE!! If you are a TobyMac fan, you WON’T be disappointed!! In my opinion, this is his greatest work to date.

One thing that I have always loved about Toby McKeehan is his obvious love for God and his willingness to spread the gospel unashamedly! He truly lives what he believes as has been testified by many who come into contact with him outside of the “pulpit”. Sadly, not every “Christian artist” really gives off a Christian witness, but story after story confirms that Toby is the real deal.

I am including a song from the new CD called “Steal My Show”. Listen to it closely and you will see the heart of the artist revealed in a beautiful way. I do believe this has become my new favorite song!! Hope you enjoy, AND….. if you haven’t gotten the new CD yet, I highly recommend you do. True TobyMac fans won’t be disappointed – at least IN MY OPINION.