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I know, I know – it’s about time!

This was indeed the year of the seemingly never-ending summer. *no complaints here* As a matter of fact, our summer drug on sooooooooo long that my kids were actually asking for school to begin again. *weird, i know*

Believe it or not, we did NOT plan for this to happen. *though i did enjoy every single minute of the extra ‘down time’* It honestly did happen beyond my control.

Most of you know that I homeschool our kids. Homeschooling has been a part of our lives ever since our daughter first started kindergarten. ((She is now a freshman in high school)) We have been blessed to be able to keep our children out of public school all these years. *this isn’t possible for everyone and certainly there is no condemnation towards anyone who chooses differently than we do* It has always been our tradition to begin school the Tuesday following Labor Day. *this is how it was when i was a kid and it didn’t hurt me* Part way through the summer the new school books are ordered and by the end of August they have arrived and been sorted and stacked ready for the new year to begin. This year was no different. *SORT OF*

As is my yearly routine, school books were ordered with plenty of time to spare. Delivery day came. *enter UPS* Boxes and boxes filled the living room and excitement was building. The kids were chomping at the bit to open ’em up and see what new things they were going to fill their minds with this year. *smiles* It was euphoric! *okay, slight exaggeration*

After dinner we ripped open the boxes and to our dismay, seven books were missing. The invoice said, “BACKORDER”. *sigh* Okay, no big deal. There was still PLENTY of time for the books to arrive before the big day. Time sped along and with each passing day I was getting more and more nervous that the books had not yet come. I called A Beka Book and was put at ease when I was informed the books were in fact in the warehouse awaiting shipment. ((at least my son’s books were)) *YAY*

UPS came a knockin’ but to my chagrin everything was NOT there after all. Well, Steven’s books were there, but my daughter’s were still floating somewhere between here and who knows where. I didn’t get too upset at this point because we had decided to enroll our daughter in the correspondence program this year through A Beka Academy and her start date was not set until September 17th anyway. *still not panicking* However, as September 17th inched closer and closer towards us, my nerves were getting on edge. *not really, but again it sounded good for the story :)* Could it be that we would have to enjoy a few more days of “down time”, summer fun? *ain’t that a shame*

Well, one book at a time began arriving. Literally. For a few days in a row UPS arrived with one book. HA HA. *that seems like a huge waste of shipping fees to me, but whatever works for them i guess* The 17th came and went and STILL some books were missing.

Because the kids were bored out of their minds – practically BEGGING for school to start – we decided to go ahead and begin classes yesterday even though all the books were not here. The high school video program that my daughter is attending gives enough information that she should be okay until the books arrive. *hopefully that will be today*

So……..summer for the Roses has FINALLY come to a close. *sad face* School is back in session and we are getting our learn on! *’bout time*