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So, last night my hubby comes dashing inside the house and says, “Can you come hold the light? We’ve got him blocked in and we’re gonna get him, but we need some light.” *EEK*


For several weeks now, the kids and I have been hearing strange noises coming from the air-conditioning system vents (we live in a mobile home so the vents are under the house) and from the fireplace. Scratching and clawing that sounded like a 10-foot varmint trying to get inside. Thuds banging against the interior of the fireplace walls sounding as though a thousand man army was attempting to invade the beaches of Normandy. *okay, slight exaggeration* Needless to say, we’ve been a LITTLE freaked out! And what was even more exasperating was that whatever – whoever – was causing the house to sound like it was under seige NEVER did ANYTHING while hubby was around! *any of you ladies relate¿* After multiple night raids on the master bedroom to awaken him from his slumber, I am quite sure my husband thought me and the kids were simply out of our minds. He was a good sport though and graciously obliged our crazed request to GET UP AND DO SOMETHING! *what a hero*


After weeks of fear-arousing noises in the night, hubby spots what could be the culprit! Not sure exactly how the critter captured his attention seeings how he was sitting in the drip pan of our gril *eew*, but somehow – walking through the back yard – hubby spotted him! The biggest RAT I’ve ever seen. *that wasn’t in a horribly done B-movie thriller, that is* With a fierce look of intimidation and warning, hubby glared him down daring him to come out and fight like a real man! *insert image of John Wayne and the old wild west* Gun drawn, face reddening, and stance ready; hubby challenged him to a dual. *haha, another slight exaggeration* There he was, frozen like a sitting duck thinking that if he took a statuesque posture my husband would never see him. WRONG-O! My husband has too many years of police work under his belt to not see an intruder when one is around. Guess again little fella! Steve-O is in town. *insert Hawaii 5-0 theme*

After being recruited to join this band of vigilantes – aka: my husband and son – I jumped up with sheer excitement at the prospect of helping bring down this inducer of terror! Yes, indeed, it was a good night to die! *sideways grin and one eye raised*

What happened next would have been a cinch to win us $10K on America’s Funniest Videos. *giggling now just thinking about it* Here it is, nearly 11:00 p.m., two of us in our PJs – me with a flashlight, hubby with a shovel, son with a shovel – all huddled around this blob of total grossness ready to pounce the little guy to smithereenes! *that’s a southern term for all you nothern folk*

As we are in position, hubby begins to jiggle the grill. The poor little guy was scrambling around in utter fright. *don’t feel sorry for him, he was just getting a taste of his own medicine!* Suddenly, he jumped to the ground and started zig-zagging trying his best to escape. Chaos insued. Hopping. Scattering. Squealing. *that RAT probably thought we were nuts* Shovels pounding the ground. How, I do not know, but all of a sudden the little rascal got away!! Yanking the light from my hand, hubby went on the hunt. Ah-ha! There he was. *heart pounding yet¿* My husband is too sligh for anything to get past him!!

Repositioning ourselves, hubby got him! As he held the shovel down against his little neck, body flopping and flailing like a fish out of water, my husband bidded our son to come over saying, “Come on buddy, I need you to get him.” Creeping up, unsure if the varmint would get loose and run across his feet, my son held his shovel in the air and slammed it down with enough force to shake the ground. *haha….i love exaggerating* He got him!! Father and son duo. Score: Father/Son 1, Varmint 0.

All of sudden, at the realization of what he had just done, my son looks up at me with his huge brown eyes and says (with tears beginning to well), “I’m killing him.” *insert saddest face imaginable* My son LOVES animals of all kinds and this about broke his little heart! Although he understood that rats can carry disease and are harmful little pests that eat the wiring and insulation underneath our house, it about crushed him to have to help in this much necessary slaughter.

Needless to say, our son had his “John Boy” moment – his coming of age when the realization happens that some things in life are indeed a necessary evil. Hubby looked over at him with PRIDE, and as I ran to get my camera *yes, everything must be film documented* I heard him high five him and say, “Good job.” *awe, heart melting*

After the little burial, the Roses breathed a sigh of relief knowing that the ominous noises in the night will finally come to a halt. *yay Steve and Steven (Boo). my heroes once again*