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Well, well, here we are a week later and the septic system STILL isn’t fixed. *sigh*

The good news is, however, that we are at least a little closer. Yay! *big smiles*

This past week was most definitely a test of integrity for us. The work would have already been done and we’d be back in business if it weren’t for a little thing called a PERMIT!! *ugh* So much red tape to jump through when dealing with government (local) agencies. *BIG SIGH*

I must admit that the temptation did exist to just go ahead and do what needed to be done without notifying the county and without worrying about the hassle of obtaining a permit. I mean, it would have been easy to do and get away with because who would have known? Since we live on a dead end road with NO neighbors, we could have easily had everything done and covered up before anyone was any the wiser. *temptation*

In moments like these, when it is so easy to skate around “rules” and “laws”, genuine Christianity is tested. Do we forge forward breaking the rules because no one will know, or do we follow the rules even though no one will know? *dilemma*

It is in times like these when a christian really has to dig deep to see what kind of character they have. Do they have the character of Christ, or do they have the character of the evil one?! One will always do what is right even when no one is watching them, and one will do what is right only when someone is watching them {{and half of the time, not even then.}} Guess who is who! *this is not difficult*

The bible tells us that we are to ‘obey the governing authorities’ (Romans 13:1) {{except when those authorities are telling us to do what is against God’s word – in those time we ‘obey God rather than men’, Acts 5:29}}; so, no matter how ridiculous, how time consuming, how expensive it is – we have to obey the “rules” if we want favor with God. *small sigh*

Well, the choice for us really wasn’t a choice at all. I mean, there was the thought that said, “It sure would be easy to put in a new drain field and no one would ever know,” but we did not entertain that thought for a minute!! {{A second maybe, but certainly not a minute!}} Even though it would have saved us almost $400!!!! *BIG SIGH* We have learned that to have God’s favor means we MUST do what is right to do even though – no, especially when – no one is looking. After all, God is looking! He sees everything we do.

So, the Roses chalked up the $375 bucks for a permit and are currently awaiting soil testing. {{As a matter of fact, the county inspector is here as I type. Yay!!}} We are a few steps closer to being back in business. This may sound strange, but I CAN’T WAIT to flush toilet paper down the drain again!! *BIG BIG SMILES*