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Have you ever wanted something so badly you could taste it??

Have you ever had a desire that was an all-consuming task master driving your every action towards the only goal of obtaining that desire??

Have you ever chased a dream with unbridled passion??

Have you ever been at the place of total surrender to a craving that lured your every sense??

How did you feel when – after desiring so, longing for, lusting after, and salivating over – you were met with the disappointment of not getting what you wanted? How did you respond to the “let down”? How did you react when you sensed that things were not going your way and that you were not headed towards the favorable outcome you wanted? Better yet, how did you behave even at the THOUGHT your answer was going to be no and your request denied?

I remember back a few years ago when God revealed to me exactly how He feels when we “pout” about things in our lives……

We had been planning a very special surprise for our kids and were extremely excited about doing something for them we knew they would love. It has been so long ago now that I cannot remember specifically what it was, but I do remember that whatever it was it was something they really really wanted but had no idea we were going to do for them.

Well, one day, as we were driving down the road, I remember the whining and pouting that ensured. I cannot remember specifically if it was both of the kids or just one of them or what the minute details were – but I sure remember the lesson God taught me. Whatever it was that they were wanting, they had no idea they were getting and they really thought that it was such an extravagant request that they would never get it. (To a small child everything seems extravagant) At the prospect of never getting their little hearts’ desire filled, out came the bad attitudes and the pouting and the negative words that made my heart ache. I was thinking to myself, “Wow! The fact that they want this so badly and feel entitled to it, along with the fact that they are so crabby at the thought that they might not get it, sure steals the fun out of getting to give it to them.” Out of frustration I finally said, “Well, you ARE getting this and I sure hope you enjoy it ‘cause now there is no fun in us giving it to you.” {{I know, bad mom of the year award}} It was in that moment that God whispered to my heart, “Now you know how I feel when you slip off into a bad attitude while waiting on Me to answer your needs and desires.” OUCH!

If you have ever tried to do something special for someone only to have their attitude go south and then begin to pout about their circumstances, you know exactly what I mean! The negativity of their incessant complaining is, well, in all honesty, quite annoying! It is no fun to go on and do something nice for someone who had a bad attitude while waiting for it. All the joy is depleted. I have even go so far as to have second thoughts about going through with the surprise for people who have acted this way. But, it sure it a GREAT pleasure to do something for someone who has no expectation and who keeps a good attitude in spite of their own personal disappointment.

Friends, God has special things in store for each of His children and He is filled with excited anticipation as He plans exactly when, where, and how He is going to surprise us! Do not be guilty of grieving Him with your lack of faith and negative outlook. Instead, be hopeful! Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the expectation that good will happen. God may not give you exactly what you want but that is okay; He just might get you something better if you will only continue to believe and look forward with positive eagerness at the possibilities that await!