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Here it is, the first in my installment of the “Simply Me” blogs where I promise to bare my soul and unleash my personal thoughts and feelings. It is my hope that being real with you guys will encourage you even further and give you hope in the midst of hopeless situations!

So, what’s going ‘down’ around the Rose household lately? Not the sewage! That’s for sure! Ugh!

Last friday was not a happy day for the Roses as we discovered our septic drainfield had decided to rebel and go on strike. For some strange odd reason, to our great dismay, the drainfield has decided it would rather be a reservoir instead of a conduit. Just how did this decision come to light? By the strange gurgling sounds coming from the commode as our daughter was trying to take a shower. Those strange bellows coming from the underground was our drainfield’s way of letting us know it had chosen to sit down on the job and take a break from its labor. Ugh!

To those of you who have never had a septic issue let me say, “GOODIE FOR YOU!” Of all the problems one can face, septic has to be one of the worst. At least in the top 5!! Can anyone say GROSS! All of a sudden things begin to show up in places you’d rather not see them – for instance, the corn from the garbage disposal popping up in the tub!! While you are showering, no less!! Ugh!

Needless to say, as is most always the case, the rebellion of our drainfield happened at a VERY inconvenient time. Ugh! Hubby has to work during the week so full repair must wait til Saturday. He has had a minor talk with the drainfield, but sadly, his efforts at psychologically coercing the drainfield to cooperate with us failed. *sad face*

WEll, here we are six days later and things that would normally ride the ‘pipeline to the sea’ (okay, so all drains don’t really lead to the ocean) are piling up in garbage cans. Ugh!! Can anyone say GROSS!?! Lysol has become our new best friend. ((sorry mr drainfield, but you left us no choice)) What a hassle!

One thing is for sure, we have come to realize that through the years we have taken our poor drainfield for granted. I guess his stubborn refusal to cooperate with us is his way of telling us he’s under-appreciated. Well, no worries. We’ve received the message loud and clear and believe you me, he will feel our gratitude from now on. *smiles*