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Some of you are probably too young to remember, but once upon a time there was a very famous quote that went like this: WHY BUY THE COW WHEN YOU CAN GET THE MILK FOR FREE?!?!

I’m not sure where this phrase originated from but it makes me giggle every time I hear it. As a matter of fact, it has become one of my favorites! I don’t know what’s funnier – the pointed truth of the statement or the fact that it equates the female gender to the bovine population without being offensive. That, in and of itself, is pretty amazing.

There is so much truth packed into this one tiny little question! Why would anyone in their right mind – or not – go and spend lots of money, time, energy, and commitment to purchase an animal that they will have to go through the trouble of caring for and nurturing when all they want is a little milk that they can get for free without having all the headache that comes with owning a cow? I mean really! If all you want the cow for is a little milk for your breakfast cereal, and if you can go to a farm and milk a cow free of charge because of the benevolence of a poor ole farmer, why in the world would you invest in purchasing a cow?? It wouldn’t make any sense to spend a small fortune if you didn’t have to. Would it?

Most of you are aware that this old saying has been used for years and years in reference to promiscuity amongst unwed girls. It was used as a way of encouraging girls to stop and think about the absurdity of what they were doing by giving themselves to boys who only wanted “one thing.” Girls would often complain that they couldn’t get a boyfriend who would commit to them or consider marrying them and they couldn’t figure out why? Why was it so hard to find a guy who would take real interest? Could it have been because guys were looking for ‘milk’ and when they found they could get it without the responsibility of the ‘cow’ they took advantage of it?

Now, before you go getting all offend at the imagery this statement creates, think about it! When hormones kick in to overdrive and boys’ bodies are filled with testosterone (the sex hormone), not much else exists in their thoughts besides sex. It really is a chemical reaction taking place in the brain, out of a guy’s control, and all of a sudden sex, sex, sex, is what he is consumed with. For the young man who has a relationship with Jesus Christ it is easier to control these thoughts and urges because he has the power of the Holy Spirit helping him, but for young men who do not, controlling these thoughts is nearly impossible. Sex is what they think about, and – as you all know – what you think about most drives you until you get what you want. Sadly, there is much ‘milk’ to be gotten and very few boys have to take on the responsibility of the ‘cow’ to get it. ((Not inferring that sex is the only reason to marry.))

Girls, don’t be guilty of giving away the one thing that is a most precious commodity – the one thing that is a beautiful and powerful gift that God gave the human population for the purpose of creating oneness between a man and a woman. God designed sex to be a powerful force of attraction – a force that causes a man to be drawn to his wife and a woman to her husband. He made it enjoyable for the reason that He wanted men and women to want each other. It is a force of attraction that keeps the connection within the confines of a marriage. However, if sex is tapped into outside of the safety of the marriage relationship it causes much heartache and pain and it creates the mindset that one does not need to commit to marriage in order to be satisfied. This is why giving ‘milk’ away without requiring a purchase is very dangerous. ((Again, not inferring that sex is the only reason to marry and not hinting that women are “for sale” as property either.))

Ladies, if you want a man to look at you as a prospect for marriage – as someone worthy of committing to – quit giving away for free what he needs to man up and take responsibility to ‘buy’. Giving yourself away only reiterates the point: WHY BUY THE COW WHEN YOU CAN GET THE MILK FOR FREE?!?! Respect yourself enough to not allow the guys to take advantage of you! Respect yourself enough to demand commitment and respect by not allowing your ‘milk’ to be devalued and put on the ‘freebie’ table. Keep your purity on a shelf with a high price tag. Anyone willing to pay the price of commitment and respect will be the one deserving of your gift.

((NOTE: Guys, there are plenty of girls willing to take advantage of you too. Guard what God has given you and quit giving it away so freely.))