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you’ve often heard it said that there is power in human touch, but, do you know just exactly how powerful touch really is? the power of physical touch has most popularly been proven in studies with babies. babies who are frequently held and carrassed in the early months of life develop quicker and healthier – even emotionally. Physical touch creates emotional bonds with parents that last a lifetime. well, babies aren’t the only ones who need physical touch. physical touch is just as powerful between a husband and wife.

did you know that when a man and woman marries and begin to touch and interact physically, their bodies produce a chemical called oxytocin – also known as the bonding hormone (the same hormone released when a mother/baby bond)? this hormone produces feelings of emotional intimacy and creates a desire for physical touch. the more touching, the more release of oxytocin and the greater the emotional bond. This explains why, if a period of time elapses with no affectionate touch, your emotional bond decreases.

all positive physical touch releases the hormone oxytocin – holding hands, massage, cuddling, playing footsies, playful wrestling, and yes, sexual intimacy. any contact, especially skin to skin, will cause the body to automatically release the “bonding hormone”. ever wondered why some elderly couples seem so connected? maybe because after 50 years they are still swinging in the porch swing HOLDING HANDS. learn to touch and touch often. the emotional depth of your relationship depends on it.