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so guys! you think you’re ready to venture out into the wide world of ‘dating’?¿ think you’re ready to find that perfect someone whom you just can’t go one more day without?¿ well, THINK AGAIN! dating is a serious thing full of complications, annoyances, and exaggerations! who needs it!?!

actually, the raw truth is that every one, male and female, has a drive to find a ‘soul-mate’. every one wants to be loved in a special way and every one wants to love in a special way. that desire can be so strong that it can leave you feeling disappointed and disillusioned if you don’t find it. when this happens, the natural tendency is to jump head-first into a relationship with the first person that gives you that attention you are so desperate for. however, doing that is like playing a deadly game of Russion roulette.

‘dating’ never really allows you to get to know the person you are wanting to form a relationship with. when put in a one-on-one situation, EVERY ONE puts their best foot forward – allowing others to see only what they want them to see. instead of one-on-one dating, i highly recommend ‘group dating’. what i mean by that is go out in groups of people, several people. every one is a little more comfortable in group settings and tends to let their hair down and show their true personality and character. going out in groups will allow you see the ‘real’ person you may be interested in and will help you make an informed decision as to whether or not that someone is worth investing time in.

don’t rush into dating and don’t fall for the lie that you have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend to be somebody. you are fine with or without any body to call ‘boyfriend’ or ‘girlfriend’! so, enjoy life while you can. there will be plenty of time for relationship responsibilities later on!